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  • Vikya, Office furnitures made to last. Inspired by nature, architecture and networks, the Vikya range is made to last (almost) forever. Steel, Glass, Acrylic. That's all. The nature bring us the proof that simple organisms last longer than multicellular ones. So I preferred to use classic materials to create efficient products.
  • Strong and simple materials. The structures are made in Steel. There is no paint. The steel is brunished (a natural way to protect it from rust, it turns its surface in dark grey) and covered with natural wax (like wood!). Clear parts are brushed and waxed too. Brushing helps UV optical clear glue to adhere on the metal. The 10 mm securit glass can't move but can be replaced if it is broken. Note: You will need a big heavy stone to break the glass. ;)
  • High-Tech Design. Vikya is totally made with computer. This is the perfect tool to obtain straight edges and strong surfaces. It offers the possibility to calculate best thicknesses for the different parts of the products and helps to save material. It also brings a technical aesthetic that serves the visual sensation of
  • A sensitive vision for humans. Made for humans before all, the Vikya chair is made to be very stable, easy to move and comfortable. Acrylic panels are perfectly curved and more flexible at the center to welcome your body correctly.