Craftsmanship in my heart.

For my own pleasure I imagine products and furnitures I want to create by myself in real life. These are some random projects.
I did not « beautiful renders » because these 3Ds were made for my own use and studies.



The T4P 240 dinner table.

This is an industrial inspired model. I am currently working on technical details to make it for real.
Brunished steel (wax finished).

240cm x 120cm.

T4P 240 test 01 T4P 240 test 04 T4P 240 test 05 T4P 240 test 06


The TAP 1889 edition.

Why 1889 edition? Because this is the date of the Universal Exposition which saw the birth of the Eiffel Tower. I love the design of this structure so I decided do to an « inspired edition » of the T4P.

T4P 240 edition 1889 01 T4P 240 edition 1889 03T4P 240 edition 1889 02


The desk VAKAA is one of my favorite projects. This is the perfect image of what I love. I have a slogan of it: « Conception traditionelle, Vision contemporaine. » (Traditional work, contemporary vision) because I imagine this desk to be made by hand in a traditional workshop to create pure and dynamic lines.

- Wood (Oak), black lacquered- 40mm Glass (water-jet cutting)
- Brass (structure between wood and glass)
- Concrete (to ballast the desk)

300cm x 80cm.

Bureau VAKAABureau VAKAABureau VAKAABureau VAKAA profil techniqueBureau VAKAA coupe assemblage

Garden table.

Just for the pleasure, I did it during a 6 weeks internship to learn iron forge. Before that I have never try to forge. I trained 5 days to modify steel and iron, I have drawn the project of the table and I have made the entire table in 4 weeks alone (during and after working hours at the workshop).